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Case Study - Louise Hilborne

  • Starting Weight: 14 stone
  • Current Weight: 11 stone

A mother to 4 beautiful children, Louise Hilborne had resigned herself to living behind baggy clothes and a sad exterior. No matter what she tried – dietary fad or exercise regime – nothing seemed to work, and over time her weight gradually crept up to 14 stone.

Yet after hearing one woman’s successes with Zotrim and witnessing the results for herself, Louise decided to give Zotrim’s herbal weight loss supplement a try and see if regaining her former size-10 figure was attainable, and she is glad she did.

“It was the best decision I have made in years.”

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Making no dietary changes to her lifestyle, Louise began taking Zotrim before every meal and instantly noticed a difference in her appetite. Without even trying, her meal sizes began to shrink in size and her weight “simply melted away.”

6 months later, Louise has lost over 3 stone and feels incredible. She can now fit into clothes she thought never possible, keep up with her children and has even given up a 40-a day smoking habit without putting on any weight.
“Zotrim is the product with proof – look, here I am!”