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Case Study - Buhle Mncube

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When Buhle Mncube first moved to the UK from South Africa to work as a conference organiser, she was surprised to find herself surrounded by so much food.

With temptation all around her, and feeling incredibly homesick Buhle began snacking on all the wrong foods and over time put on weight.

By Easter of 2005, she was shocked to discover she had put on 3 stone and knew she needed to make a lifestyle change.

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Cutting down on her junk food and joining the gym, no matter how strictly she kept to her diet, her appetite always seemed to be working against her.

Luckily she heard about Zotrim.

“I had never taken pills for anything, but I had nothing to lose. Taking Zotrim 10 minutes before every meal I felt fuller much sooner, and also stopped craving sugary stuff and crisps.”

By Christmas, Buhle had lost 2 stone and was excited to show off her new figure to her family back in South Africa.

Still taking Zotrim whilst she was out there, when she came home she was impressed to find she was back to the same weight she was before she came to the UK.

“I kept going with Zotrim and lost a further stone after coming back to work!”

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