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Eat 5 to 6 mini-meals a day: Keep your metabolism running at peak speed by eating small meals regularly. By eating 300 calories 6 times a day,...

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Zotrim Reviews

Zotrim has experienced many media successes throughout the years featured within: the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and most recently on BBC’s ‘Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic.

What did the BBC say about Zotrim?

zotrim weight loss pills

“The only company which could show a clear link between weight loss and their product was a herbal diet pill, called Zotrim, which makes you feel full. Their research had been published in a reputable journal and conducted with a control group to compare any placebo effect.”
Professor Lesley Regan

What did Professor Lesley Regan say about our competitors?

“The Pink Patch said no evidence of its effectiveness actually exists, while Formoline L112 said they couldn't provide a copy as their research hasn't ever been published.

Lipobind sent research results showing the tablets do bind with fat - but admitted they were yet to investigate whether the pills actually help people lose weight”
Professor Lesley Regan

Clinical studies show Zotrim can help you lose 5% of your body weight in 6 weeks. When you place your online order your currently receive up to 25% off the standard RRP.

Press Releases and PR

July 2008 - Snack Attack

A recent survey has revealed that more than half of us would prefer to have a snack than eat a proper meal. Not only that, but a shocking 22% of people can't get through the day without a snack!

July 2008 - Fantasy Body Survey

Men and women across the UK have rated Cheryl Cole as their ultimate fantasy body, according to a new survey commissioned by Zotrim - a natural slimming aid.

May 2008 - Beat The Post-Holiday Bulge with Zotrim

All-you-can-eat buffets, indulgent restaurant meals and drinking a little too much on holiday can all lead to one thing – a post-holiday bulge! So, avoid excess baggage on your return trip with herbal weight-loss supplement Zotrim.

April 2008 - Zotrim Your Way To A Bikini-Fabulous Body

With the bikini countdown well underway, thoughts naturally turn to dieting and trying to lose the extra inches that have crept on during the winter. Dieting can be hard, so get a helping hand with Zotrim, a herbal weight-loss supplement that has been scientifically proven to help you feel fuller for longer and to reduce your waistline.

January 2008 - Zotrim Says No-No To Yo-Yo Diets

A recent survey suggests that 1 in 3 adults in the UK is on a permanent diet, with 1 in 20 women fretting about their figures for more than three hours a day.

June 2007 - 85% of people lose weight with herbal supplement

A study to be published in the British Food Journal in July 2007 shows that 85% of people experienced weight loss while taking herbal supplement Zotrim.

New Research - Herbal formulation helps overeaters think with their stomachs

A new study has shown that a herbal supplement originally formulated to boost satiety also changes the way that people think and feel about food. The findings, to be presented to the European Congress on Obesity, have important implications for the obesity debate, which has been linked to impaired satiety responses and a lack of control over eating.


Long established to be an effective supplement to aid weight loss and weight management by helping users eat less, Zotrim's unique combination of plant extracts also offer significant benefits which help to make it a useful lifestyle supplement, as well as a slimming aid.