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How does Zotrim work?

zotrim weight controlOur Zotrim supplements are made from a unique formulation of Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana to help give you the dual action efficiency of easy, natural weight loss and increased re-vitalisation.

To date, Zotrim has undergone 8 successful clinical trials to test the credibility of its ingredients and every time it has proven itself to be the real deal.

During these trials, Zotrim was discovered to produce on average a:

  • Weight loss of 11lbs in 45 days in a study published by the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Gastric emptying time of 58 minutes – 20 minutes more than placebo subjects
  • Waist reduction of 4.3cm in as little as 4 weeks

With Zotrim’s help you can reduce your food intake, feel fuller for longer and make snacking between meals a thing of the past. You can succeed, just like our success stories.


To begin with we recommend that you take just 2 of our herbal supplements before every meal. Not only will this give your body the time to adjust to our supplement, but it will also enable you to slowly begin changing your eating habits.

After completing your 2nd week, if you wish, you can progress to taking 3 tablets before every meal, though we do recommend that you do not exceed more than 9 tablets a day.

By simply watching your calorie intake, replacing high fat foods with low fat foods and following a healthy exercise programme, you can take control of your weight loss.

Exercise can make a real difference to the calories you burn, so it is vital that you choose an exercise programme that is appropriate to your age, weight and your current state of health.

Even the smallest changes to your exercise routine can help increase your energy expenditure and leave you feeling incredible. Try incorporating the following exercises into your daily activities and begin feeling the benefits:

  • Take the stairs instead of a lift
  • Leave your car at home and walk to your local shops
  • Go for a 30-45 minute walk on your lunch time

However, an exercise plan is not needed to get results with Zotrim. You can take Zotrim on its own and still achieve your weight loss, just like the consumers in our clinical studies.