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Eat 5 to 6 mini-meals a day: Keep your metabolism running at peak speed by eating small meals regularly. By eating 300 calories 6 times a day,...

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Dr Trevor Jarman, CEO and Biochemist

weight loss expertsOne of the leading founders of Natures Remedies Ltd, the company behind Zotrim and Fibersugar. Trevor now acts as the company’s Chief Executive and recently appeared on the BBC’s Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic.

A trained biochemist by trade, Trevor’s experience has leant itself to many new developments in food, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, before reaching his position as a CEO to Zotrim.

Dr Lasse Hessel, Physician and Inventor

zotrim experts Recognised Danish physician, author and inventor, Lasse was the first to recognise the importance of offering accessible weight loss devices to their customers, and set out in the late 1990’s to find a natural solution.

Working alongside an international team of researchers from the USA and Europe, Lasse to this day continues to improve the potency of the Zotrim formulation through further research studies.

Laura William, Personal Trainer

dieting experts One of the UK’s leading personal trainers, Laura has worked with a selection of A List celebrities and athletes to help them stay in shape and burn fat.

Recognised for her qualifications as a Level 3 Personal trainer in Nutrition and Weight Management, Laura’s core philosophy is to make exercise accessible to everyone so they don’t have to sacrifice ‘the good life.

Jane Griffin, Sports Dietician

yerba mate expertsA well respected Sports Dietician and media author, Jane was one of the first nutritionists to become an Accredited Sports Dietician in the UK. Currently, Jane works with the London Harlequin rugby team and is a consultant nutritionist to the British Olympic Association.

One of the first steps to weight loss success, is to know your BMI.