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Eat slowly: Give your stomach the time to register that it is full to prevent overeating and weight gain. Simply take your...

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At Zotrim we want to offer you more than a dietary supplement. We want you to experience the reassurance of having access to numerous resources, ideas and tips. The tip of the day is designed with that intention in mind promoting exercise regimes, food suggestions and health advice to help boost your weight loss experience.

Eat slowly

This one is easier said than done. The problem is, when we are hungry we tend to eat faster and as a result eat more than we actually require. As a general rule it takes your stomach 20minutes to realise that it is full, so if you usually eat your meals in 10 minutes flat, during this time you could have eaten far more than you needed and end up feeling bloated.

Try instead to eat more slowly. Chew each mouthful 50 times, take a sip of your drink after every bite and then proceed. By making this conscientious effort you will notice a dramatic difference in the amount you eat and will naturally begin to lose weight.