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Sleep apnea proven to have a hidden influence on weight gain

65% of the UK population are risking their eyesight due to following poor diets

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At Zotrim we understand how taking this first step to changing your eating habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle is not an easy one. It is a big change, and one filled with many hurdles, yet you CAN overcome this. You CAN offer your body the weight loss results it deserves and do so confident that it is the right route for you.

Below we have delved into all the latest weight loss stories to give you the resources you need to feel rest reassured that with Zotrim you can succeed in healthy, natural weight loss.

Sleep deprivation linked to weight gain

Not getting a full 8 hours sleep can do more than leave you feeling washed out the very next day. Following research by the University of Utah Sleep-Wake Center, subjects put on their new sleeping device found that they were less prone to snacking and over time lost weight.

Though there is not enough scientific information to prove that getting enough sleep will help you to lose weight, these studies do show that lack of sleep can hinder your weight loss results and can even encourage snacking.

Poor diets linked to bad eyesight

Research by the College of Optometrists has revealed that two-thirds of the population are not receiving the essential nutrients they need to keep their eyesight healthy.

Continuing in their research, they believe by simply adopting a diet enriched in spinach, kale, omega 3-rich oily fish and at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, dieters can combat eye diseases such as macular degeneration and prevent future blindness.