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Zotrim - The Only Natural Diet Pills with Clinical Evidence

slimming tabletsCost effective, 100% natural and the only natural diet pill to provide clinical evidence of weight loss on BBC2's Professor Regan's Diet Clinic (17th April 2009).

Professor Regan stated that Zotrim is the more superior dietary supplement when compared to other products on the market, many of which do not provide sound evidence of actual weight loss.

Following analysis into the cost per lb lost thesis, Zotrim was found to be 60p cheaper per lb than the two leading supplements, whilst also providing consumers with faster, more sustainable results.

  • Zotrim: During a 45 day study, participants lost on average 11lbs more than those on the placebo, producing costs of £4.50 per lb of weight loss whilst experiencing no negative side effects.

  • Alli: Taken over an 84 day period, participants lost 4lbs more than those on the placebo, whilst producing costs
    of £37 per lb of weight lost.

  • Appesat: Taken over an 84 day period, participants lost 8lbs more than those on the placebo, producing costs of £54 per lb of weight loss. During the first 6 weeks of this study it must be noted that participants in both the controlled and placebo groups experienced the same weight loss.

In Professor Regan's own assessment of Zotrim she stated that Zotrim's research showed a "clear link to weight loss" with the "difference in weight loss between the group taking Zotrim and the group taking the placebo was significantly different."

Without introducing any changes to their dietary habits or lifestyle, participants were effectively able to reduce their meal sizes, feel fuller faster and experience increases of satiety and energy levels.

Our supplement can also easily be used alongside other diets and exercise programmes, or alternatively be combined with our online 'Step-by-Step' challenge to help enhance weight loss results.

Our aim was to offer consumers the chance to diet without hunger and to produce a product which does what it claims. Experts, our advisors, the media and our customers agree that Zotrim is a solution for your weight management goals.

How it Works

Use With

Weight Loss (Over the Placebo group)


Increases satiety Decreases hunger Boosts energy

No special diet or exercise specified in trials.

11lbs in 6.5 weeks


Natural fat binder
Blocks body's ability to absorb fat

Low fat, low calorie diet *Less than 15g of fat per meal

4lbs in 12 weeks *Based on Xenical trial


Increases satiety Promotes fullness

Low fat, low calorie diet

8lbs in 12 weeks *No difference noted between placebo or control group after 6 weeks

Dealing with Weight Loss Setbacks

When the going gets tough, how do you keep going? Losing weight may be one of the most difficult and important things that you do. The following suggestions may help.

Keep it in the Family

There is no reason why the rest of the family can't join in your new healthy programme. Eating less fatty food, exercising and eating more carbs, fruit and vegetables is something we all should be doing. There is no excuse for others to be gorging on chips while you have a baked potato. The only exception is children under the age of 10 who need energy for growth. Avoid giving pre-school children low fat foods. However, even weaned babies can benefit from a daily portion of fruit and vegetables.

Identify Triggers for Overeating

Every person who has tried to lose weight experiences times when temptation comes their way. It could be a holiday, a family celebration, a meal out with friends or even the cake tray in the office canteen. Try to pinpoint occasions which could present difficulties for you and plan accordingly. For meals out, I recommend eating a small healthy snack, e.g. a bowl of breakfast cereal or piece of toast, before you go to dine. Taking the car will provide a good excuse for refusing alcohol. Other ideas include never being hungry when you go to the supermarket and taking packed lunches to work.

Follow the Zotrim Way With a Friend

It is easier and more enjoyable to share your new healthy lifestyle with a friend. Two heads are better than one for thinking up recipe ideas and ways to be physically active.Setbacks can be minimised if someone is following the same eating plan as you.

Embrace Your New Lifestyle

It's not unhealthy foods that cause weight gain, but unhealthy lifestyles. Everyone who thinks they can go back to their old ways is likely to regain all the weight they've lost. The Zotrim Way is not a quick fix but a long-term programme to maximise health and well-being.

Don't Be Afraid of Setbacks

Everyone has their off days and it's common to feel a sense of failure if you have a lapse. Just don't let a small setback turn into a large one. Accept the lapse and immediately put it behind you. Try extra hard to stick to the programme the next day. Don't try to make up for the lapse by missing meals. Instead, do some extra exercise.

Regarding high fat treat foods, decide what works best for you. Some people save all treats for one day of the week. Others have a small portion of a favourite food every day. The important thing is to be totally honest with yourself and make sure your treats are not preventing weight loss. Self-monitoring of your diet and weight will help.

Be Patient

Your extra weight didn't appear overnight. It took years of overeating and under-exercising to get you where you are today. It can take at least 3 months to see a change in your shape if you are following the Zotrim Way correctly. Keep going as it will be worth it in the end.

Change Yourself Step-by-Step

Often there are so many things we want to change about ourselves that the first step seems impossible. Get round this by making a list of lifestyle changes you would like to make. Then give yourself one month per item. The list could include foods you would like to eat less of, activities you would like to begin, a dress or trouser size you would like to achieve. Be realistic and you will taste success.

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